If you have any questions that aren't answered here feel free to email us at - Framemyphotos@outlook.co.uk


- How long will my order take?

Your order will be dispatched the next working day with Royal Mail 1st class delivery.

- Can I order more than one photo?

Yes. Just add your order to cart and go back to the frame creation page to add any more orders in.

- Why can't I fit my whole photo in the frame at the frame creation page?

When printing photos you need to preserve the aspect ratio otherwise your photo will look distorted and warped so when moving your photo to fit into your chosen frame you can only move the X and Y axis of the photo in sync.

- I cant fit all my photo in the frame, what shall I do?

As mentioned above aspect ratio needs to be preserved therefore we give you the option to fit your photo into the frame as close to how you want it as possible.

- Can I order a larger sized photo?

If you want to order a photo and frame that's not listed please contact us and we can set up a custom order or consider getting it printed on canvas!